Our Story


The eponymous label – C R Wearhouse - is a Jamaican owned and operated fashion brand focused on boosting women's confidence with PREMIUM quality Jamaican produced clothing. We cater to timeless women whether she desires to be chic, effortless, minimal or glam while still being sexy. “I love when women look bougie! ...even on a budget, There's something very satisfying when I see women looking and being their best self! The C R Wearhouse brand was created with the thought process of a label that exudes sophistication and elegance yet has sex appeal without being overtly naked; A brand with a healthy balance.” stated Self-taught fashion designer Camelia. 

Every piece is made in Jamaica using innovative techniques and craftsmanship. Every piece is meticulously designed so it can be integrated into your wardrobe and treasured for years to come. The company beams with pride in being personal with each of their customer/client, ensuring that every customer/client is left feeling valuable to us.



Growing up in low income homes in Jamaica, Camelia most times had the basics needed but not always what she wanted. As a teenager, she re-purposed and restyled clothing which were handed down to her, by hands, to create "new" looks for different occasions. The burning need to not have to share clothes led to her expressing a desire of owning a retail clothing store. 

As she blossomed into adulthood, Camelia found it increasing difficult to find clothes that complemented her 5' 11" slender stature and suited her fashion sense. As such, she became a frequent customer to seamstresses and tailors as she solicited their services for custom made items. 

In November 2013, though clueless as to how to use a sewing machine, Camelia's interest in learning to sew peaked when her personal seamstress passed away. She openly expressed her desire for a sewing machine as her birthday gift, which she received. Soon what started out as infatuation transitioned into Camelia discovering her passion and now wants to share it with the world.

In 2016, she set up a home studio in her bedroom where her dreams started to become reality. Due to increased interests and requests for her designs, Camelia launched Cammy Roxx Wearhouse with a domestic sewing machine on a nightstand in her bedroom. She fell in love with making herself and other women look and feel their best through clothes. "It's a great pleasure to watch when I dress a woman how it makes her feel; how it changes her walk and her attitude. To look and feel confident & sexy is a wonderful thing! But! sometimes, you just don't wake up feeling that way. CLOTHES can help a woman get to that point", stated Camelia. 

In 2021 Cammy Roxx Wearhouse was rebranded and relaunched, now C R Wearhouse.