Our Story

Born & raised in Jamaica from humble beginnings, Camelia Bryson, at an early age, had the desire to own a clothing store. However, she had no idea just how deeply rooted her love for fashion would become. Growing up in low income homes, she most times had the basics needed but not always what she wanted. As a result, she re-purposed and restyled clothing which were handed down to her, to create "new" looks for different occasions. This approach to fashion continued into adulthood until other women started to seek her styling assistance and guidance. 

In November 2013, though clueless as to how to use a sewing machine, Camelia openly expressed to a friend that her birthday wish list included a sewing machine. A wish that was granted. However, overwhelmed with anxiety and fear at seeing the sewing machine, she did not open the packaging box until April 3, 2014.

It was then that she began to teach herself of how to sew using a sewing machine. Soon what started out as infatuation transitioned into Camelia discovering that designing and sewing were her passion. She fell in love with making herself and other women look and feel their best. "It's a great pleasure to watch when I dress a woman how it makes her feel; how it changes her walk and her attitude. To look and feel confident & sexy is a wonderful thing! But! sometimes, you just don't wake up feeling that way. CLOTHES can help a woman get to that point", stated Camelia. She launched Cammy Roxx Wearhouse with a domestic sewing machine on a nightstand in her bedroom. The business was first registered in October 2016. However, due to uncontrolled circumstance, the business had to be closed January 2018.

The passion and desire kept burning so Camelia evaluated the previous operations, pivoted, re-aligned and re-structured the business. With a more robust approach to business and business operations, the C R Wearhouse label was birth and registered June 2021.

The eponymous label – C R Wearhouse - is a Jamaican owned and operated fashion brand focused on boosting women's confidence with quality clothing. The company manufactures luxury pieces that aim to help women look and feel sophisticated and elegant while still being sexy. “I love when women look bougie! ...even on a budget, There's something very satisfying when I see women looking and being their best self! The C R Wearhouse brand was created with the thought process of a label that exudes sophistication and elegance yet has sex appeal without being naked; A brand with a healthy balance.” stated Self-taught fashion designer Camelia. 

The company beams with pride in being personal with each of their customer/client, ensuring that every customer/client is left feeling valuable to us. Our collections pieces are meticulously designed and made in Kingston, Jamaica, using the best suited fabric and sewing techniques under the watchful eyes of our founder Camelia..